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History of, the domain was reserved in 1998, before shopping cart software even existed. I had been working in software since 1979 and my original idea was to be the backend fulfillment of orders with one of the local stores supplying the fabric. That would combine my love of software and quilting. Sounds great, right?

After visiting three local stores who had absolutely no vision for it ("You want to sell fabric on the internet???) and finding out that a site with online ordering would cost about $10,000, I put it on the back burner for a few years.

Things changed dramatically when I had a heart attack in February of 2000. At that point I thought I might have another heart attack any day, and die, so I might as well be having fun, right? I had already been researching opening a quilt store. In fact, I had even gone to Quilt Market in November of 2000 to check it out. After a couple months of recovery at home, I started working on it in earnest.

In February 2001 we had our first online order. What a thrill that was. Soon I was working on in our basement surrounded by fabric. The decision was made to open a physical store, both to house the fabric and because I enjoy the people contact.

Thanks so much for shopping here. I really appreciate it.

Chris Sass